BIMBA in Sanskrit connotes Reflection. BIMBA mirrors the unique vision of an artist for growing art-its practice and sharing. It reflects socio-artistic values. BIMBA THE ART ASHRAM campus, Basavanagudi and BIMBA THE ART HUT in Jayanagar are now open for a unique art experience every day through the year in the heart of Bengaluru.

It is a lung to breathe in a unique Indian aesthetic experience. Ever since we unveiled these evolving artistic spaces in Bengaluru in 2006 we are told every day that the warmth exuded by the exteriors invites one and all. The classic rustic simplicity and beauty of the innovative handmade inner spaces, displays and creations can invoke a “never before” feeling in you. Yet a sense of déjà vu and belonging is often experienced and expressed. Tranquility is stirred in a way that you want to come again and again. And you can take home creations that imbue living and personal spaces with earthy colors, handmade textures and original aesthetics.

A rare practice we call GREEN ART percolates into every encounter with people, things and situations- life itself. Soul is invested in each creation of art - art that you can relate with and can take home the stories of with you. BIMBA THE ART ASHRAM is a LIVE CAMPUS for art practice where you can even hear, see, feel and experience creative processes on weekdays And a performance-EVERY SATURDAY ART AT 830pm. As also 10 days of soul stirring RASALOK Still Theatre of Miniature Art during Navrathri. BIMBA THE ART HUT on this campus - and in Jayanagar- is more than a gallery and is a storehouse of art. It is unique in that all these handmade spaces, displays and many of the creations are lovingly crafted by the founder artist who envisions art and practices its manifestation in various disciplines while nurturing Earth and artisans. And often performs for us on a Saturday. Our socio-artistic vision builds respect for MASTERS and ARTISANS. At BIMBA, Art and philanthropy resonate harmoniously with good living and creative active citizenship. The underlying aesthetic mantra we term EARTH SENSITIVE ART. You can participate in the many layers of this artistic social engagement in many ways and also can contribute to our Trust- BIMBA ART FOUNDATION.

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